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Project Management

Finally start checking off of your project to-do list. Koja champions your teams in completing much-needed projects by adding structure, focus, and capacity. Our collaborative and integrated approach promotes on-brand, on-time, and on-budget completion of every project.

Koja’s Project Management is for your organization if you are:

  • Struggling to find capacity for necessary projects

  • Don’t need to or are unable to bring on a full-time hire

  • Passionate about growing your organization and eliminating inefficiencies

  • Seeking senior-level expertise at part-time costs

Want senior-level expertise at part-time costs?

Find out how we can add capacity and expertise to your team – start crossing off your to-do list today.

Koja Consultants and Project Managers Help You:

What Working With Koja’s Project Management Program Looks Like:

What Our Clients Say

“We needed to add some extra capacity to create and deliver an engaging and successful online event. Hiring KOJA was the perfect solution. Maelin helped us plan the schedule, kept up on track with tasks, took on and executed responsibilities as delegated. Maelin organised tech support, liased with the speakers and made sure we were prepared for, and helped deliver, a very successful 2-day virtual symposium.”


Board Support & Management

Maximize the efficiency and time of valued board members with streamlined board management. We accurately document minutes and action items, and provide support on scheduling, reminders, and more.

Koja’s Board Support and Management is for your team if you:

  • Lack capacity to perform time-consuming annual tasks like board recruitment

  • Don’t have time to format and issue minutes and other documentation

  • Find your board meetings disorganized and lacking action items

  • Are frequently not seeing follow-through on agreed-upon action items

  • Need support for audits, recruitment, or policy development

Services are customizable based on the needs of your board.

Ready to add flexible support to your board?

Let’s explore how board support & management can help your organization achieve and exceed its goals.

Koja Consultants and Project Managers Help You:

What Working With Koja's Board Support & Management Program Looks Like:

What Our Clients Say

Our success in the project was directly attributable to KOJA Consulting's coordination. Koja provides ongoing support for a client committee & advisory group, driving the group's agenda forward with meeting and project coordination, document management, scheduling, agendas, minutes and action items.


Project Discovery

Every successful project starts with a well-defined scope. If your team has identified issues with no clear scope for the solution, we’re here to support you. We use a collaborative process to help define scope, identify stakeholders, determine project feasibility, and much more to create efficiencies and growth-oriented solutions.

Koja's Project Discovery is for your team if you are:

  • Uncertain of the risks and financial impacts of potential projects

  • Unsure of appropriate next steps to achieve a desired goal

  • Undergoing major business transformation and want to consider people, planet, and profit impact of next steps

  • Facing challenges where the solution isn't immediately clear

  • Looking for professional recommendations on the most efficient approach to an existing process problem

Ready to create a project plan with actionable steps?

Let's explore desired outcomes and identify the appropriate steps to get there.

Koja Consultants and Project Managers Help You:

What Working With Koja's Project Discovery Program Looks Like:

What Our Clients Say

Our team had capacity and skill-set issues to lead strategic projects internally. Koja filled this gap for us and brought even more to the table than we expected. It has been hugely advantageous to have input and insight from someone who has a fresh perspective and can offer different solutions to how we’ve always done things."

- Carol madsen, executive director (2015-2022)