Koja’s Story

All organizations are propelled forward by two things.

People and process.

For Koja Consulting, effective project management is the intersection of the two – a place of huge potential and growth. But for many values-driven organizations, hiring a full-time Project Manager is not yet needed. Or simply not in the budget.

Koja was born because we saw an opportunity for us to make a meaningful impact with expert, on-demand project management for necessary, one-time projects. Big or small.

We help values-driven organizations temporarily increase their ‘people’ capacities and improve their ‘process’ efficiencies without the commitment of a full-time hire.

Our multidisciplinary team and network of experts are capable of managing and completing a variety of projects.


Fun fact: Koja is an anagram of the middle name initials of Mel, her partner and two children – family, community and connection sets the foundation for Koja.

Meet the Team

Mel Ifada (she/they)

Founder & CEO | MBA | PMP

Mel enjoys getting stuff done – solving problems for other people, creating efficiencies, and finding solutions. Experiencing other people’s relief at having bottlenecks remedied or implementing improvements *sparks joy* for Mel.

In Mel’s experience, capacity, skill-set, and focus to achieve a goal is a triage that teams are constantly navigating. This balancing act is something Mel knows and understands all too well, bringing 20+ years of corporate and not-for-profit project management experience to the table.

Outside of work, Mel enjoys riding her bike (fair weather cyclist), playing board games with family and friends (in any weather!), watching the Raptors, listening to music, dancing, puzzling, and volunteering as a Board Member of PM West (Canadian West Coast Chapter of Project Management Institute). Mel is currently working towards attaining the Governance Professionals of Canada designation (GPC.D), expected to be completed by October 2024.

Headshot of Mel Ifada
Headshot of Maelin Cheung

Maelin Cheung (she/her)


Maelin is dedicated and results-driven, with a proven track record of optimizing business operations, fostering growth through strategic business development initiatives, and successfully managing complex projects from conception to completion.

She brings a unique blend of leadership, analytical skills, and innovative thinking to drive project success.

Maelin enjoys sharing meals and coffee with friends and family, knitting, hot yoga, and volunteering in the community.

Bernadette Andrade (she/her)

Project Manager

Bernadette brings her curiosity to work as a project manager. She facilitates problem-solving to aid clients in challenging assumptions and exploring alternatives. As a result, we collaboratively identify the best solution and next steps.

Bernadette has over 20 years of experience working with public and non-profits.  She understands the challenges as these organizations navigate new projects and directions. She calmly manages projects with a positive approach. Thus keeping the process stress-free. This makes everyone feel supported and confident.

Outside of work, Bernadette explores the lower mainland one coffee shop at a time. As she sips coffee, she cultivates her artistic side by drawing the ambiance. Bernadette is an avid podcast listener. She walks for hours learning about current and historical events. She enjoys volunteering with the Project Management Volunteers (PMV).


Project Manager headshot

Miley & Leela


Leela often makes her presence known by making unscheduled appearances in Zoom meetings. Leela is a very affectionate Ragdoll senior (she’ll be 16 in March 2024) who insists on LOTS of lap time.

Keeping her company is Miley, a rescue from Afghanistan, who joined the team in February 2022. Miley is estimated to have turned ~9 years old in November 2023 and boasts a lovely, happy nature. She loves her meeting breaks (translated to ‘walks’ for her) and joining Mel for human-meal-patio-time at any of the many local restaurants.

Great News! We’re Hiring.

We’re always looking to grow our team of Koja Champions seeking part-time, flexible, and diverse projects. Reach out via our contact page or connect with us through LinkedIn to chat about joining the team.

Koja’s Purpose

Our Vision

To be a globally trusted partner in helping values-driven organizations temporarily expand their capacities and complete small to medium-sized projects to make large scale impacts.

Our Purpose

Koja supports organizations in reaching their project goals by offering remote fractional project management and board support to increase capacity and efficiency.

Our Mission

To help values-aligned organizations, NGOs and charities complete projects, create efficiencies, and reach their goals.

Our Values


We are fully committed to the mission of our clients. Despite being contractors, we’re equally as success-focused as full-time employees.


We listen actively and collaborate with our clients and network of experts to work toward the project goals. By bringing on the best people for the task at hand, we ensure the job is always done right.


Our diverse team and network allow for exceptional flexibility. We’re able to quickly expand capacities and skillsets to mitigate risk and pivot strategically.


Above all, we’re committed to social good. Our flexible service packages, remote capabilities, and sliding-scale pricing approach allow us to partner with great organizations around North America with varying budgets.