Boost your team’s skillset & capacity

Expert project management and board support services without the commitment of a full-time hire.

Do you find it challenging to manage important projects?

We’re Koja. Your Project Managers and Project Champions.

We partner with values-driven organizations to increase capacities on a per-project basis and move closer to your vision.

We use project management principles to complete projects and create ongoing efficiencies.

How Koja Consultants and Project Managers help you

Every successful project starts with a well-defined scope. If your team has identified issues with no clear scope for the solution, we’re here to support you. We use a collaborative process to create efficiencies and growth-oriented solutions.

Identify Stakeholders

Define Project Scope, Timeline, and Budget

Save Money by Predicting and Mitigating Financial Risk

Understand Potential HR Impact

Increase Capacity or Connect You With Appropriate Experts

What Our Clients Say

Parent Support Services Society of BC initially engaged Koja to undertake a short compliance review project. The process was efficient and thorough and we have continued to hire Koja every year since to lead a wide variety of strategic projects with and for our team, including several critical RFP development to project close-out projects.”

– Carol madsen, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR (2015-2022)

We work with

Small to medium-sized nonprofit organizations

Small to medium-sized corporations

Businesses undergoing major transformations

Are you struggling to execute vital projects that are crucial to achieving your organizational objectives?

We’re Koja. Your Project Managers and Project Champions.

The projects we specialize in often fall into a unique category: they’re typically too small to warrant hiring a full-time employee, yet too significant to be overlooked or neglected.

Despite their size, these small-medium sized projects are vital for achieving organizational goals and meeting the needs of stakeholders.

Want to finally align goals with actions?

Find out how we can help define desired outcomes and identify the appropriate projects to get there.

What Our Clients Say

KOJA offers practical, accessible, and thoughtful solutions at every stage of every initiative.

KOJA’s understanding of the end-user experience has been critical to the success of each project.”


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