Koja’s Rebrand in 2024: Behind the Scenes of Our New Logo & Brand Identity


Coming up with a business name and a logo can be both equally fun and daunting (who knew colours had so many associations!). Even ‘little’ things like whether to capitalize the name, all play a role in shaping a brand. While part-time project management continues to be one of our key services, we’ve now expanded our suite of services to include board support and project discovery.

As we grow and evolve, we wanted a logo that is versatile and represents Koja’s reason for being.

The Origin Story of KOJA Consulting’s Brand Name and Logo

After drafting and debating many possible business names, we landed on Koja Consulting in 2016, when we first launched the company.

Here a few fun facts about the origin of Koja’s brand and logo:

  • Koja is comprised of the middle initials of the Mel (Koja’s founder & CEO), her children, and partner, and it is pronounced with a hard-K and hard-J sound, and was capitalized because each letter symbolized a name.
  • The logo was developed to symbolize putting several pieces of a puzzle together, as is the practice in project management.
  • The shield shape was designed to communicate strength and trust.
  • KOJA’s original logo included four strong colours, which sometimes made using them in a balanced fashion a bit tricky.

Introducing Our Fresh, Simplified Logo Design for 2024

In 2023, we decided to rebrand and refresh our logo, simplifying both the image and colour palette. This has been an exciting creative project to work on, and we’re very grateful to our amazing intern, Freya Davis, for her leadership, design expertise, and UX/UI lens in helping us design the new logo.

Here’s how we landed on the new logo in 2024:

  • In line with our growth and evolution, we aimed for a logo that is adaptable and reflective of Koja’s purpose. Although project management remains a vital part of our offerings, we have now enhanced our range of services to include board support and project discovery.
  • So, we kept the puzzle piece design as a symbol of Koja’s services – we act as the missing piece of your team’s puzzle, by filling capacity or skill-set gaps.
  • A key focus for the rebrand was to modernize the look and feel of the Koja brand. We wanted to pare down our colour combo, retaining strong colours, and taking into consideration the colour blindness experience.


We are very proud of the resulting rebrand – two strong colours, a single dominant puzzle piece, and the use of ‘sentence case’ for the name instead of capitalised letters. It’s very clean, clear, and versatile.

A shout out to Freya Davis for also building our new website, and freshening up Koja’s look for 2024 and beyond! We are excited for where this new year will take us – as each year has presented tremendous new learnings and opportunities for our team.

What’s the missing piece of your team’s puzzle? Book a complimentary discovery call to learn more.