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Special Projects

What’s a special project and why do you keep pushing them off?

Special Projects are tasks that have been pushed to the side for any one of a number of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • No one in-house who has the time capacity to take it on;
  • No one actually knows how to get started to solve the problem;
  • The project lacks immediacy when buried beneath the daily grind, but it keeps popping up as a problem for the team

When left forgotten, these problems can grow and often result in staff frustration, high turnover rates and loss of clients – which ultimately undermine the growth and success of your organization.

A Special Project can be anything you and your team needs. By applying the same project management principles and systems, each project is managed in a methodical manner from initiation to close out.

KOJA provides part-time project management for special projects that often get left behind due to limited capacity, skillset, and focus on your internal team.

We are your Special Projects champion

Often a Special Project is started by someone internally and subsequently dropped because of the demands of their day-to-day job.

That same Special Project may be delegated to another employee who will start from scratch and, again, drop the project due to other tasks or perhaps lack of skill set or confidence to know how to approach the project.

KOJA steps in to champion these special projects from start to completion.

Hiring a new employee to take care of the project is unrealistic & expensive

At this point the team has already spent considerable human and financial capital on a project that has gone nowhere.

Engaging a part time professional who will see the project through to a successful outcome is a logical and affordable solution.

Examples of past Special Projects include:

  • RFP development: Proponent section, implementation and close out of project
  • Discovery analysis: determining feasibility or viability for the larger project)
  • Leadership support: C-Suite and Board confidential counsel
  • Office move: Managing the logistics of an office move
  • Software research: Software selection and implementation
  • Company accreditation / re-accreditation
  • Employee and procedure manual development

We work with any teams who are looking to create efficiency or solve a problem in their company, regardless of industry.