Policy & Procedure Development

Are your business processes documented?

It sounds simple and obvious, yet a lack of clear and current policies and procedures is one of the most common weaknesses within companies and teams. Loss of enterprise intelligence as staff come and go is the biggest contributor.

Capturing and accurately documenting procedures, or developing functional policies, is a project within itself.

We capture processes and turn them into step-by-step instructions that can be accessed and delivered successfully by anyone on your team.

Ensure processes are documented, optimized and accessible

We capture policy and procedure assets and ensure they are accessible to all who need them. This enables team members to find the answer to their question or refer to the organization’s best way to complete key tasks.

Examples of processes that need documentation:

  • Less common tasks such as annual procedures
  • Adhoc tasks like onboarding a new team member
  • Any other process that isn’t clear & straightforward, or would benefit from referencing the best practice method of completing the task