Business Systems Evaluation

Do you feel like you’re in a constant state of chaos?

You don’t have the time, there’s always more urgent things to focus on, or you can never find information when you need it. All businesses may experience similar internal disorder and it feels like you’re treading water just trying to keep up. Establishing, or improving, the business systems within your organization will mitigate the chaos.

We optimize your current business systems to industry best practices that meet your organization’s changing needs.

Review and optimize current systems

KOJA can help you review your current practices, research more efficient options and implement a business system that is suitable to your organizational structure, while allowing for flexibility and scalability.

We also create procedures and guidelines to ensure the internal systems within your business are appropriately utilised and stay healthy as the team grows.

Examples of business systems evaluations we have done in the past:

  • Review of internal capabilities and identification of opportunities for growth: Investigated and proposed web integration to assist with administrative tasks to improve efficiency.
  • Frameworks to reduce redundancies: We met with all the members of a team to learn more about their actual job duties and compared them with the jobs hired to do.
  • Optimized communication and workflows: Implemented calendar systems and virtual reception services designed for a smaller company.
  • Established templates and cheat sheets: For current and future team members to easily refer to.