Meet Mel Ifada

Mel enjoys getting stuff done – solving problems for other people, creating efficiencies, and finding solutions. Experiencing other people’s relief at having bottlenecks remedied or implementing improvements *sparks joy* for Mel.

In Mel’s experience, capacity, skill-set, and focus to achieve a goal is a triage that teams are constantly navigating. This balancing act is something Mel knows and understands all too well, bringing over 20 years of corporate and not-for-profit project management experience to the table.

Mel launched KOJA Consulting in January 2016, responding to a gap in the market for projects that don’t require a full time role, yet still require strong project management skills and experience. Mel takes on part-time projects, whether it’s a 2-month or 2-year goal, nourishing her drive to create efficiencies, reduce pain points and get projects crossed off your to do list!

KOJA is an anagram of the middle name initials of Mel, her partner and two children. Family, community and connection sets the foundation for KOJA.


Mel’s project portfolio includes:

Complex accreditation renewal – Due to the success and thoroughness of the accreditation, the team was awarded the maximum term allowable (4 years).

Website redesign / rebuild – Starting with developing the scope and RFP through to successful launch of a brand new website in under six months.

Office move – Systematized office clean up before the move, successful relocation of servers limiting offline time, and the office ready for business first thing Monday morning.

Outside of work, Mel enjoys riding her bike (albeit fair weather cyclist), playing board games with family and friends (in any weather!), watching the Raptors, listening to music, dancing, sewing and puzzling. Mel is constantly learning something new, be it a new platform for a client or completing her MBA.

CEO & Founder of KOJA

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