About KOJA Consulting

KOJA Consulting is a Vancouver-based consultancy offering fractional project management and leadership to teams looking to create efficiency or solve a problem. Our mission is to expand our clients’ capacity and expertise to achieve strategic goals by providing part-time project management services. We partner with teams of all shapes and sizes to develop and implement appropriate solutions.

At KOJA, we value having a diverse team from a variety of backgrounds and welcoming every idea and perspective. We’re building a flexible work culture where team members can work on projects at their time and place, as long as client and project needs are met.

Meet Your Special Project Champions – The KOJA Team

We have grown from humble beginnings of a solopreneur venture to an expanding, diverse and responsive team.

Mel Ifada (she/they)
Mel Ifada (she/they)CEO & Founder of KOJA

Mel launched KOJA Consulting to fill a gap in the market for projects that don’t require a full time role, yet still require strong project management skills & experience. Read more

Maelin Cheung (she/her)
Maelin Cheung (she/her)Special Projects & BD Champion
Maelin leverages digital marketing and social media for business development. She’s a fast learner and prides herself in being able to navigate new technologies quickly.

Suyu He (all pronouns)
Suyu He (all pronouns)Special Projects Champion
Suyu is passionate about spatial justice, forced migration, placemaking in public spaces and mapmaking. They are experienced in urban research, managing teams & crisis support.

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